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Leicester Community Radio started in 2015, run by well known faces from the Leicester music scene. Playing a mix of roots, reggae, dub, r&b, hip-hop, ska, soca as well as house, drum & bass etc. The station aims to provide all Leicester residents with a central source for the best music around.

An online-only community radio service producing over 60 hours per week of live programming with over 400 listeners regularly tuned in at any one time

​Service hours:

7am – midnight (most days) weekdays

9am – midnight weekends

To learn more about the daytime/evening service, click “schedule” at the top.

We have now been running a weekend-only daytime service since October 2017, and regularly have over 900 listeners tuned in at any one time (we estimate around 2500-5000 regular listeners) with loads of feedback and support. To listen to us, simply click “Listen Live” at the top.

​For more information about our service, please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LeicsCTR/

Please do check out our Facebook page for the amazing photos of 2018 Leicester Riverside Festival!

​You can send us a message on Facebook to get in contact, we always love to hear from you!




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